Design-Build Remodel Done With Sustainability and Integrity

Construction (and re-construction) is about more than building beautiful, sustainable homes. It’s about building connections with the people whose dreams bring those homes to life. At Sierra James, our turn-key design-build remodel services are personalized to your goals, budget, and building scope. 

example of design build remodel

What Does “Design-Build” Mean?

The answer’s right there in the name. From designing to building, we do it all. A design-build construction job consists of designers and builders working together from the onset. With an on-staff architect, we ensure we’re meeting your vision from the very first day.  

The result? A finished product that’s more time-efficient, cohesive, and aligned with our client’s goals. 



A “home away from home,” these SF-based clients wanted to modernize their winter vacation home in the prestigious community of Broken Top. 

design build remodel bathroom
Guest bedroom remodel
Bathroom design build remodel

Benefits of Remodeling

Often by the time a client has approached us for a remodel, they’ve been planning and budgeting for months, if not years. We know the value triangle of cost, schedule, and quality is important to anyone considering a renovation, whether one room or five. While each project is highly personalized, these are some of the main overall benefits of remodeling: 

Increases your property value

Improves safety and comfort

Adds to the longevity of your home

Provides an opportunity to address or prevent issues

Modernizes a room or the entire home

Makes efficient use of space

Matches your lifestyle as it changes

What to Expect

When you choose Sierra James for your remodeling project, our team will work to get every detail right—from conception to budget to construction. We pride ourselves on a fully transparent process that includes budgeting and cost data in real-time and a live schedule, so you always know what is happening and with whom. 

When working with us for design-build services, our process is as follows:

1. Initial Phone Call and Visit

After the initial phone call to discuss project scope, we initiate a site visit to meet you and walk through your space. By the end of this visit, we’ll typically give a ballpark estimate on cost and timeline. 


2. Design and Costing Agreement

Once this is agreed upon, we’ll enter into a Design and Costing Agreement with deposit.

3. Design Phase

The design phase includes feasibility studies, defining scope, and architectural and interior design.

4. Costing Phase

Once the design is approved, the project enters the costing phase. Our Pre-Construction Manager sends Requests for Proposals, schedules onsite walkthroughs, and assigns allowance amounts. Once compiled, we’ll present the final budget.

5. Permitting and Project Schedule

Upon budget approval, we’ll submit drawings to the planning department for permit (if applicable) and draft the project schedule.

6. Construction

During the construction phase, your project manager’s priority is an open line of communication. During the entire construction process, clients have access to daily costs and schedules.

7. Final Walkthrough

With the last nail in place, it’s time to enjoy your new space! We do a final walkthrough to ensure everything is exactly as it should be.

Why Choose SJC for Design-Build Services

Our multi-talented team has decades of experience in their respective specialties. When entrusting us with your design-build remodel project, we combine our expertise with your goals to create something beautiful, functional, and durable.

Sierra James Construction is built for excellence.